If you are struggling with addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and/or sex), Dr. Dysart can help. When you select Dr. Dysart’s outpatient treatment your treatment plan will follow this process:

One – Evaluation

  • One-hour evaluation
  • Identify the priorities of the active and underlying issue(s)

Two – Present Treatment Plan

  • Present length of treatment
  • Present intensity of treatment
  • Possibly require lab testing to check health status

*Coexisting medical or psychiatric disorders will be treated initially in addition to the eating or addiction disorder

Three – Customized Therapy and Medication

  • Dr. Dysart will conduct the therapy and prescribe medication, if needed
  • Neurology will be used to understand how the science of the brain plays a part in eating disorders and/or addictions
  • Psychiatry will be used to understand cognitive and/or emotional interplay in relation to eating disorders and/or addictions
  • Psychoanalysis will be used to address underlying unconscious aspects that motivate eating disorders and/or addictions
  • Addictionology will be used to allow the utilization of all of these different fields of science to address eating disorders and/or addictions